Do’s and Don’ts: The Night Before An Exam

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We all have gone through exams. Most of the times when we have a big exam knocking on our door at the next morning, what we do is study all night long to see the most appropriate marks in our mark sheets. But, do you really think it is a right decision? Studying all night long can lead to digestion problem, tiredness, memory loss and God knows what else!

The night before an exam is the perfect time to get some rest, calm down your brain and doing something that will be fruitful for you in the future or in the exam hall.

Apart from some superstitious belief, there are also some following routines that you should follow up the night before a vital exam–

Get Enough Sleep-

You may find studying all night worth it instead of going to bed earlier just before the night of an exam. In this point you are wrong. Learning as much study material as you can before the night of the exam is not what you should do. Instead, you need to go to the bed early to get enough sleep that can help you to calm down the nerves in your body. When you sleep, your brain places the pieces of information you have learned earlier into the long-term memory from the short-term memory. So, it is a good idea to sleep early at night to let your brain store every information longer in your memory so that you can remember them all in the exam hall.

Eat Healthy Breakfast-

Eating healthy breakfast can boost the energy of your brain. Eat as much protein as you can so that your brain can try its best at the test.

Pack Up Everything That You’re Going To Need During The Test-

You don’t want to get panic do you? Leaving necessary stuff at home? Pack up everything at the night before the test that you are going to need.

Take At Least Five Minutes Break While Studying-

Your brain can not focus on something longer than 20-30 minutes. Let it relax every 5 minutes during study hours.

That were the things you should DO the night before an exam. How about the things you should NOT do? Check out the following points–


Your brain is smarter than you. If it tells you to go to sleep in the middle of the night, you should listen to it. Allow it to take rest so that it can help you during your exam hours.


You only know the things that you have learned and you don’t know the things you didn’t. Stay focus on what you already know. Why stressing out and pushing yourself further into a panic attack?


Is not what I should suggest you to do. Try to do a group study where you can clear your confusions to the great brains.


Cramming is not a good thing for your upcoming test. Try to revise everything you have learned without cramming your brain with too much information.


Hope all these study tips are going to get you a satisfactory result in your exam.

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